Independence Caucus Founder Frank Anderson in SC, NC, and VA

A founder of the Independence Caucus, Frank Anderson will be in SC, NC, and VA in July and August. The Independence Caucus organization resulted from the 2008 election win of Jason Chaffetz of UT (US House 3rd district) who did not have a paid staff member. Mr. Chaffetz won by a team of volunteers and removed a 6 term incumbent and was out spent 6 to 1. The group was also instrumental in removing Bob Bennett from office earlier this year.

Icaucus has a complete vetting process with opposition research teams for each endorsed candidate. Plans have been laid out on how to do just what Jason Chaffetz did in 2008. We can take this country back but we have to learn from those who have experience. With not much experience to go around Frank Anderson is a real gold mine to have.

Please contact me at Independence at Worthyemail dot com if you have a group that would like to hear Mr. Anderson speak and teach them how to win elections in 2010 and 2012. There can be mock vetting processes done if people would like in addition to him speaking. The following dates are planned:

Mon 7/26 – Charleston, SC
Tue 7/27 – Charleston, SC  or Columbia, SC
Wed 7/28 – Columbia, SC or Greenville, SC
Thur 7/29 – Greenville, SC
Fri 7/30 –
Sat 7/31 – Asheville, NC (booked)
Sun 8/1 –
Mon 8/2 –
Tue 8/3 – Raleigh/Durham, NC
Wed 8/4 –
THur 8/5 – Richmond, VA (booked)
Fri 8/6 –
Sat 8/7 – Washington, DC
Sun 8/8 – Travel Day