Was Bill Randall right to suspect MMS (Obama) and BP?

It appears that way.  It turns out that MMS and BP have known there was a problem in that well since Feburary. It took 60 days to get the Jones act removed, there has been beyond pathetic communication and it’s the biggest oil spill in history… both are looking bad to say the least.

 See here: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2010-06-17/bp-struggle d-with-cracks-in-gulf-well-as-early-as-february-documents-show.html

It’s perfectly logical that there is a cover up of sorts and both are working together in some fashion as this could spell and is spelling disaster for dems and Obama.


 Another theory that has been floated is that BP has been a leading voice among oil companies for alternative energy sources and has billions and billions invested in it.  So, should cap and trade pass it will greatly benefit BP with these investments…just as the health care reform benefited big pharma, insurance companies and big health care while robbing the common working person by not putting the power in the people’s hand.  According to a Feb 2008 article in Fast Company Magazine BP ” is one of the world’s largest solar-power players and invests an unusually large share of overall capital expenditures in low-emissions R&D”. They did however note their terrible safety record which would certainly match what happenend in the gulf.

See link here: http://www.fastcompany.com/investing/2008/bp.html

I’m only saying that perhaps the blow up happened and they decided to keep the response slow to raise awareness of such a thing and it’s gotten out of control.  Either way, both knew about it since Feb. and both look really bad right now so working together would be a good thing (not to mention that 20% of BP is owned by the British government!!)