Is Bernie Reeves & Carter Wrenn violating FEC Laws?

While I’m not a representative of Mr. Reeves’ opponent I am a volunteer for The Independence Caucus who endorsed Bill Randall for the 13th district. We are a separate volunteer organization. The public should find the following information valuable:


It appears that in the past dear Carter Wren (Bernie’s manager) violated FEC rules and was forced to pay a $10,000 fine see here: http://www.fec.gov/law/litigation_CCA_FEC_N.shtml

Now it appears that Bernie is following the same steps with Wren at the helm:

Here are the facts that I have: taken from his FEC Filings Report

Candidates are allowed to take a wage from their campaign fund. RED FLAG
wage 1/29/10 $4,100 in violation of the FEC, he took this prior to the filing deadline for NC which was Feb 11th 2010. Breaking the FEC Campaign Law

wage 2/23/10 $1,000
wage 2/25/10 $1,000
wage 3/11/10 $4,000
wage $4/1/10 $5,500

He is the owner, editor, and publisher of Metro Magazine http://www.metronc.com

Advertising Metro Magazine

1/28/10 $3,131 matches the advertising rates for a half page ad
2/3/10  $800 matches the home page headliner for the month of feb
2/4/10 $4,600 doesn’t match any advertising rate
2/25/10 $2,000 doesn’t match any advertising rate
3/1/10 $1,800 doesn’t match any advertising rate

3/5/10 $1,003 Auto Owners Insurance RED FLAG (according to the FEC)
Candidates are allowed to use campaign funds to pay for expenses incurred while using their personal car while campaigning. He is not showing any reimbursements for any travel, mileage, nothing. Without any reimbursements, the FEC looks at this as paying for a personal expense which a candidate can not do with campaign funds. Breaking the FEC Campaign Law

PEM Management ( Carter Wrenn, his campaign manger)
2/11/10 $3,000 Management Consulting
3/15/10 $3,000 Management Consulting
4/7/10 $3,000 Management Consulting

Carter Wrenn also writes a blog at http://www.talkingpolitics.com
Interesting, that his campaign manager is doing all of the dirty work on this one.
He’s been writing a series of blogs titled “An Open Letter to Bill Randall” (our candidate) using things from the debates and from Bill’s website to smear our candidate.



Link to the FEC: