Is McCain still running??? Hello? Anyone out there???

From the look of things here in NC, it appears that McCain has pulled out — or quit. I see no site of him, no ads, no news… heck you cant even get a sign to put in your front yard!

He had a TWENTY POINT LEAD… and he FRIGGIN LOST IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

On my drive in, every station was full of Obama ads. Not one McCain ad. WTF???????????????

Why is it that I cannot find anywhere to get a sign for my car or house????

Now we are arguing about Ayers…which makes for interesting political talk, but *DO YOU REALLY THINK JOE 6 PACK CARES?????????????*

Dont you think that hammering Obama on the following issues would be FAR more effective???:

INEXPERIENCEDRILLING/ENERGY/COALTaxes – Lets do the math folks!Fanny MaeHow to pay for “Obamas healthcare”Corruption – but DO something about it. Dont withhold your friggin campaign to do NOTHING.

Once again, it appears that we are going to lose because we cannot get our act together.