Mac should look to NY for inspiration

My advice to my fellow conservatives is for us to look to New York City for inspiration during this election cycle and the darkest of possible days that looms on Wed.

Look to NY? Seriously? Yes, look to NY, almost a year ago NY came into the Superbowl a double digit dog, facing the most prolific offense in NFL history. League MVP, Superbowl MVP, media darling and all around good guy Tom Brady and his Patriot team that was better coached, more prepared and destined to complete their legacy as the greatest team in history.

The Giants had been written off multiple times, barely escaped the primary at Green Bay and had the lesser of two Mannings leading the charge.

Most of us watched that game in amazement, trailing with less than a minute on the clock, Manning pulls off one of the greatest series in Superbowl history escaping a sack and completing not one but two spectacular passes to win the game and essentially start his own legacy….

Yes my friends, look to NY for inspiration this week…hopefully we can pull it off. Our country’s fate hangs in the balance..