Bill Clinton is a sincere man.

Watching Bill Clinton tear up and whisper “I Love you!” as Hillary entered (stage Left) was a picture that will forever be burned into my memory. The waterworks that he managed to muster up at various parts of her speech could have only been topped by Billy when he squinted in approval at the mention of his own “legacy” and term in the Whitehouse.

The ability of the left to prop up empty husks of humans as having an ounce of compassion, true understanding or dare I say “love” amazes me still today. The party of infidelity, entitlements and free rides will stop at nothing to play on the emotions of an audience while painting their party pigs with lipstick.

All in all Hillary’s speech was…really nauseating to listen to, but it was worse watching the camera work. Aside from the paint suit, Hillary tribute and the new signature Hillary signs, we had to watch Michelle approve with a forced smirk. We had to watch Joe Biden, nuff said. Above all, we had to watch Bill Clinton’s attempt to visually and emotionally adore his wife. His last chance to get back into Washington.

I think that he was tearing up because he knew that the cameras were on him and he could not troll for hysterical groupies.