The Democratic Plague: SCHOOLS! (13 yr.old POV)

It seems almost impossible to understand the democratic mindset because of its clearly irrelevant ideas.

Unfortunately, this contaminating democratic is spreading faster than the Black Plague.

As a thirteen year old, I believe the main culprit is educators.

Today, as I received my yearbook, a large picture of Obama covered the second page.
It featured an article calling for change and to act “as respectful as our president”.
It just so happens that one of the “Core Values” my school emphasizes is respect.
My Webster’s Twentieth Century Dictionary defines respect as, “a state of being held in honor or esteem.”
If students like me are supposed to show the respect paid to our country by Obama, are educators calling us together to dismiss our nation? To not abide by the constitution? To become socialists?

In class today my teacher had us play a review game. One of the democratic students, not an active participator, asked if we could all have candy, rather than just the winners. “Yes,” my teacher replied, “Candy for everyone… it doesn’t matter your effort.” Those who actually gave thought to applying the Latin Grammar were dismayed and entreated the teacher for their promised share of the starbursts. Instead, the teacher gave each student one starburst rather than the winners two. In response, my republican friend whispered to me, “That sounds strangely like Obama socialism, just make it my money.”

If I work hard for my money, why should Obama take it?

Though this democratic educator was not directly enforcing his ideas upon us, many do.
One of my English teachers covered her sweatshirt with Obama patches, even prior to his presidency. Because I am in her advisory, daily, I must endure watching the sickening Obama campaign and presidential speeches ad nauseam. Also, for the first time in the history of my century old school, students watched the presidential inauguration, Obama’s inauguration. Coincidence?

Another “Obama Exception”:
During the 2008 campaign trail some students from Henrico were given an excused absence to attend the Obama rally… the McCain supporting students were denied.

This democratic pro da is corrupting the minds of students, and I am starting to see its effects.

At the school I will be attending next year there are two contrastive clubs:
The Young Republicans and the Young Democrats
The Young Republicans holds 19 members. (soon to be 20)
The Young Democrats holds 79.

So if you care about the children of our country, then you should educate them, as future rulers, in a right wing approach. Why not open republican schools… there are enough liberal ones!