ACORN Climbs Aboard Gore's Global Warming Bus!

ACORN, The Web of Corruption and crime family is jumping aboard Al Gore’s global warming bus. The Capitol Research Center has more about ACORN and the hottest hoax around.

ACORN Getting Involved in Global Warming Hysteria

Now the ACORN crime family is jumping on the global warming alarmism bandwagon, according to (the left-leaning) Worldwatch Institute.

The radical community group, which is now facing voter registration fraud charges in Nevada, has joined forces with Al Gore and other groups for the ultimate taxpayer shakedown: carbon emission controls.

From the Worldwatch article:

Brian Kettenring, ACORN’s deputy director of national operations, said his group – the largest grassroots community organization of low- and moderate- income people in the United States – was inspired to join the Climate Equity Alliance and work with groups such as the Sierra Club after seeing the vulnerability of cities such as New Orleans to rising sea levels and more intense climatic events. The group, which lobbies for affordable housing and improved education in urban areas, is also encouraged by the hope of “green jobs,” environmentally sustainable employment opportunities.

“ACORN families understand that building a green economy that’s sustainable and builds jobs for working families is good for them, good for the environment, and good for communities,” Kettenring said.

ACORN’s contribution will include direct lobbying of Congress. In the long term, Kettenring expects more ACORN chapters to become involved in green jobs initiatives, such as efforts to collect federal funding for weatherizing urban buildings. […]

Maybe the corrupt ACORN network needs more money to pay its back taxes and mounting legal bills.

Remember ACORN is still under investigation in Ohio and Pennsylvania as well. There legal woes have not gone away, most likely they will not either. The ACORN-8 is still searching for an attorney that is willing to take on the ACORN challenge. If you are that attorney who remembers that you went to law school with public interest service in mind please contact the ACORN-8 immediately.