ACORN-8 Gets Partial Answer To Question #10

A couple of weeks back I wrote about ACORN-8 and thirty one questions they want answered by ACORN/CCI. To this date most of these questions have not been answered because some of the ACORN-8 have been removed from the ACORN board. Today they are getting a partial answer to one of their questions.

That question is Number Ten: 10. Listing of all ACORN related real estate or leased property.

Through my research and search of records at Orleans Parish Assessor’s Office, I found 72 properties that are owned by ACORN affiliates. Those affiliates are AHC-NOLA1.LLC (ACORN Housing Corporation of New Orleans Louisiana), ACORN Community Land Association of LA and Elysian Fields Corporation. This shows that ACORN actually owns residential properties. It however doesn’t answer the question in full.

We still don’t know what other properties they own nor what properties they lease. We do know that at least 46 offices have closed across the country. How many properties and leases does ACORN have across the country?

Will the ACORN board answer these question? Or will they continue to stonewall the ACORN-8?