Sherrod Brown- Wrong on Energy, Wrong for Ohio

Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown has been a busy statist.

First, he attacked his Republican opponent, Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel for promoting his Tea Party credentials.

What was Josh’s sin? It certainly wasn’t a lack of conservatism. Mandel, a rising conservative leader, is Endorsed by FreedomWorks and the Club for Growth. Josh once represented a portion of Rep. Dennis Kucinich’s district in the Ohio House of Representatives while standing firmly to the right of the Republican caucus.

Josh’s fault was noting in a television ad an endorsement from a dubious conservative group. Brown’s crack team of communications wizards must have spent hours digging through Archive.org’s snapshots of my now-defunct Ohio blog before sending my 2010 commentary to the Talking Points Memo.

Then, Team Brown attacked Mandel for dropping his vowels and sounding “southern” at a Romney rally.

While I’m flattered by the attention brought to MY TWO YEAR OLD BLOG POST during a competitive U.S. Senate race, it is sad to watch an incumbent Senator be so desperate.  After spending his entire adult life in elected office, Sherrod must have serious issues to discuss, right?

Wrong! As the Senate’s most liberal member, Sherrod knows his rigid ideology and environmental radicalism put him so far out of Ohio’s mainstream, voters would toss him out of office if they find out the truth.

Republicans need to win this seat. To win, Mandel’s campaign should focus like a laser on Sherrod Brown’s abysmal vote on energy.

With Ohio’s abundance of shale, coal and natural gas, Brown has shockingly amassed an anti-energy record which puts far-left special interests and campaign contributors ahead of Ohio families and businesses.

Outside liberal groups such as MoveOn.org and the ALF-CIO Super PAC are spending millions of dollars in the race to support this radical Senator, who is currently tied with his opponent. Instead of fighting for his state, Sen. Brown has been quick to repay campaign favors to groups that care only about pushing their green agenda, and not Ohio families.

In pandering to the environmental extremists, Brown voted against the Keystone pipeline, which resulted in fewer jobs and higher energy prices for consumers. He also voted cap and trade, which would have had the same effect.

On November 10, 2011, Sherrod Brown voted against S.J. Resolution 27, which would have nullified an EPA rule regarding cross-state air pollution. With a price tag of $9.6 billion, it is perhaps the most expensive decision in EPA history. This was after voting, in April 2011 against blocking the unelected bureaucrats at the EPA to unconstitutionally impose cap and trade without Congressional approval.

Brown, being careful not to discuss these politically sensitive topics with Ohio newspapers, admitted in a November 2011 radio interview that he supports the Obama’s Department of Agriculture’s  decision to prevent oil and gas exploration on 3,200 acres of federal land in Ohio. This interview took place in the same month that Republic Steel announced the creation of 450 jobs to support Ohio’s growing oil and gas sector.

Ohio needs better representation in Washington. We can’t afford a Senator whose policy positions are driven by a desire to run oil companies and related industries out of business.