Palin's Clear and Unambiguous Language and World View Refreshing

A term like the “Bush Doctrine” will only achieve some sort of lasting meaning with the passage of time. Currently, the term is NOT in the popular lexicon. Ask your friends and coworkers or the clerk at WalMart. Knowledge of the term, “Bush Doctrine”, contrary to pundits and so-called journalists, is not a prerequisite to understanding US foreign policy. In fact, harping on this term shows the ignorance of those like Gibson. Sarah Palin spoke clearly of her vision of the US role in the world and the criteria for US action. Contrary to Gibson and the other media and leftist political elites, most Americans find it refreshing to hear a leader speak in plain, clear, unambiguous language. This is a great part of the appeal of Sarah Palin. I would trust her in charge more than all the Charlie Gibsons or State Dept. PhDs. I eagerly look forward to John McCain and Sarah Palin returning our government to popular control.