Pontius Pilate Was a Governor

According to TN Rep. (D) Steve Cohen, Sarah Palin is like Pontius Pilate, who gave the sentence of death to Jesus, the “community organizer”.

It is really interesting to watch the Democrats get so mixed up trying to appeal to “religious conservatives” and “evangelicals”. Apparently their polling and focus groups from 2000 and 2004 indicated the Dems are weak with people of faith. So they have made a concerted effort to inject scripture references and Biblical analogies into their rhetoric (and quite clumsily so).

Trouble is, Democrats as the ‘party of faith’ is an idea that just does not work. It is inauthentic, and quite obviously contrived. Nancy Pelosi is not at all convincing when she talks about her ‘faith in Jesus’ and quotes scripture in one breath, then refers to Obama as ‘the messiah’ and talks about the vital importance of aborting babies up to and including during birth in the next. Howard Dean is equally unbelievable when he talks about ‘his friendship with Jesus’ and quotes scripture (out of context of course, as if he ever understood the context) to support Democrat poliices. Really, the Dems are much better when they shed their costumes and act like the athiest Marxist secular humanists that they really are. At least then they were real.

Now the Daily Kos and leading Dems have taken up the cause of ‘Jesus as community organizer’. This of course is easily shown to be hogwash. But Rep. Cohen has taken the Obama/DNC congressional campaign to a heretofore unthinkable new low by apparently asserting that Sarah Palin is like those who killed Jesus. What are they thinking?