And the DNC Presents: The Carol and Don Fowler Show

Ever mindful of the fame her husband Don (former DNC Chair) received when he declared that Gustav interrupting the Republican convention meant that “God is on our – Democrats – side” (we now know the ending on that story), and being a totally liberated woman equally as sleazy, skanky, and vile as Don, South Carolina Democrat Party chairperson Carol Fowler was front and center today with the Obama talking point du jour: Sarah Palin’s only qualification for Veep is that she has not had an abortion.

Brilliant! Carol, you really nailed it this time. White working class women will flock to Obama for sure now. I mean, everyone knows that having an abortion is a rite of passage, the more the merrier, Carol says. Why, next Obama will even propose to pay for them, and to start preparing young women for their first abortion experience during their kindergarten sex ed class (Obama’s single legislative accomplishment).

South Carolina must be proud to have two such outstanding and well-respected Democrats!