Obama Unhinged and Unmasked

Barack Hussein Obama has lost it. The past few days he is clearly off-balance, he misspeaks, he hems and haws and hesitates (much more than usual), he is getting more outrageous and extreme. Axelrod is not smiling. He looks strained and angry. Biden the pompous windbag is angry. They are all ranting and raving. The DNC and Obama have resorted to sending 30 lawyers and investigators to Alaska to try to dig up any dirt they can find – and make it up if they can’t find any – on Sarah Palin. CNN has sent an army of reporters as well, trying to find anything or anyone who will say that Sarah Palin did this or that, and twisting and splicing what they say anyway. They are sinking fast, and they know it, but they can’t stop.
The media is unhinged too. Just watch them. Look at poor Jeffrey Toobin, or that sadest of sad sacks, Paul Begala – they may have to be taken off the set in strait jackets. They can’t help repeating all the lies they read on the Daily Kos and DNC talking points. They don’t even attempt to check these things out. Then watch them squirm when they are caught lying again and again.
The left just can’t believe that they are losing. This was supposed to be handed to them. They have already annointed Barack as President for life. Then they could finally take control, reinstate the Fairness Doctrine and shut down the “right wing gun and God nuts” once for all. But now all they can do is spew forth ever more vile rumor, innuendo, slander, filth and lies. Obama, Axelrod, MSNBC, CNN and the NYT just can’t help themselves. But they have shown their true selves, they are now laid bare for everyone to see their raw hypocrisy.
Bring it on!