Campbell Brown: CNN Equal Opportunity Smearer-in-chief

Noone can say that CNN’s new effort to be the ‘fair and balanced’ news source of record isn’t succeeding. Campbell Brown just spent the first half of her show ‘exposing’ all the lobbyists surrounding John McCain (in order to ‘prove’ that Obama’s claim was in fact correct. (She calls this segment “No Bias, No Bull”, after CNN’s new slogan). While she could have spent the second thirty minutes on McCain, instead, to be fair, she turned to her reporter on the ground in Wasilla, who was trying her best to portray Sarah Palin’s religious views as bizarre,strange, and extreme. This left Campbell aghast, and very concerned that “faith might play a role in shaping her world view and in her life”. Campbell promised to follow this compelling story closely, and I’m fairly certain that she will.

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