Yes, Michael Moore, There is a God in Heaven!

Last week, as it appeared that Hurricane Gustav would strike New Orleans on the opening day of the Republican convention, Democrats salivated, hoping for a repeat of a Katrina-style disaster. Michael Moore called a press conference to announce that Gustav’s timing “proved that there is a God in Heaven”. Former DNC chair Don Fowler declared that the impending disaster showed that “God is on our (Democrat) side”. Not used to praying or calling for prayer, Democrats across the land nevertheless began imploring the Obama faithful to beseech the Almighty (whatever their individual concept of the Divine might be)for great destruction and loss of life so as to entirely derail the Republican convention (remember, to the Democrat Party, the ends justify the means).

But Moore, Fowler, and the rest of the Obama Nation didn’t get their wish. First, the President, FEMA and Chertoff learned the lessons of Katrina well. Then too, the incompetent Democrat governor of Louisiana has been replaced by (the fantastic) Bobby Jindal. He and 4 other Republican governors of Gulf states demonstrated their competence in the face of impending disaster. To the great consternation of the Obama faithful, the response was smooth and orderly.

Then too, John McCain adeptly responded by curtailing Monday’s convention activities and urging delegates to contribute to relief efforts. The media, poised for a feeding frenzy of criticism of the disaster response, and hoping to criticize the Republicans for ‘partying while so many suffered’, was effectively neutralized. Instead, they embarked on a self-destructive Bristol Palin pregnancy hysteria.

Meanwhile, the McCain campaign was forced to rapidly recast the convention. Their efforts were masterful, concentrating the very best speakers into prime time each evening. The result was an exceptionally successful convention, beyond their (our) wildest dreams. More people watched McCain than Obama (13 million more watched Palin than Biden). Polls are now showing that McCain-Palin are pulling ahead, with some said to report as early as Monday that the Republican ticket is ahead of Obama by more than the margin of error.

Instead of destroying the Republican convention, Gustav opened the way for it’s tremendous success. So, YES!, Michael Moore, there is a God in Heaven. But you and Don Folwer might want to take a second look at whose side He is on.