WalMart and Us (magazine): A Call to Action!

The despicable Us magazine cover and grossly inaccurate accompanying story should not go unpunished. The Publisher of Us is, surprise, a big Obama supporter. Last evening at WalMart, I noticed that the racks at all checkouts were still stuffed full of Us, as if, perhaps, few if any had sold. I also took note that some of the stacks of magazines had been turned upside down, or backward. Apparently the folks who shop at WalMart are not as dumb as the Obamaphiles think!

I am writing to WalMart to request that the magazine be discontinued for good, based on the obvious political bias and the slanderous story. For others who wish to write Walmart, here is the link to customer comments:http://walmartstores.com/contactus/feedback.aspx