Name That Democratic President!

It’s a beautiful Thursday morning here in Southeastern Ohio. Actually, I think every Thursday morning is beautiful because it’s the last day of classes for me for the week. To celebrate this auspicious occasion, I thought we should play a game called Name That Democratic President. I’ll provide you with two clues, then you can take a guess and peek underneath the fold to see if you’re right. Don’t visit the links before you guess though; that’s cheating. Here goes!

Clue #1: In the run-up to her inevitable endorsement of NY-23’s lying leftist Bill Owens, Dede Scozzafava was told by text message that this Democratic president was trying to get in touch with her. Dede declined to return his calls.

Clue #2: Following the passage of PelosiCare by just five votes in the House of Representatives, this Democratic president went to the Senate and told Democratic senators that attacks by so-called “teabaggers” (a derogatory term for conservative Tea Party activists) meant that the Democratic majority was actually winning. He urged Senate Democrats to make history and pass PelosiCare right away.

Find out just who this Democratic president is beneath the fold…

If you guessed sitting President Barack Obama — I’m sorry, that’s incorrect. You don’t win the prize (er, there aren’t any prizes really). If you guessed former two term Democratic President Bill Clinton, you are a winner! Yes, it was Bill Clinton who was dispatched to get the endorsement of Dede Scozzafava and it was also Slick Willy who riled up Senate Democrats by taking gratuitous shots at the conservative grassroots. Is this some new Obama stimulus project, putting former Democratic presidents back to work? Maybe he can expand the project to Democratic presidential failures. Y’know, send Michael Dukakis and Geraldine Ferraro to lobby against the Stupak amendment, dispatch Al Gore to tell Congress how important cap-and-tax is, and send John Kerry to all the talk shows to explain to the American people why President Obama was for victory in Afghanistan before he was against it. Oh, and he should totally send Jimmy Carter to the Middle East to explain to the Israelis why they’re just like the Nazis.

Dear Lord, that was a gratuitous amount of snark, now wasn’t it?

Putting on my serious face, one can’t help but see the irony here. It was Bill and Hill who told us during the ’08 Democratic primaries that Barack Obama was too inexperienced to govern. They explained that he didn’t have enough experience in Washington to take on the big political battles that are necessary to effectively govern, and that he simply wouldn’t be taken seriously. He could promise change all he wanted, but only the Clintons with their vast Washington experience could deliver. Remember that? I thought you might. Obama said it was nonsense. Of course he could deliver on his promises of change, if only people had enough hope (which is also, by the way, how you bring fairy tale creatures back to life).

It turns out the Clintons were right. President Obama is the bumbling charlatan behind the curtain, and Bill Clinton is the giant talking head proclaiming himself the Great and Powerful Oz. Apparently Obama can’t really give Harry Reid a brain, or Nancy Pelosi a heart, and he certainly can’t muster the courage to win in Afghanistan. The only thing he probably can do is help Congressional Dems click their ruby red slippers together and send them home next year. I wonder what all those Democrats think of the ObaMagic now? Apparently, some of them are not pleased.

So when 2012 rolls around and after four years of failure Obama swears he can govern, remind your friends and neighbors that during the decisive political battles of 2009 he was just the impotent man behind the curtain. He needed Bill Clinton twice in as many weeks for the smoke and mirrors.

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