For Posterity

If you are reading this before November 6, 2012, STOP!!!  I write this now so that I can SHOW you that I TOLD YOU SO, after November’s drubbing, and the time stamp on this should adequately do that.

I’ve been gone awhile.  The fact is I was accused of being exactly the opposite of what I really am and that bothered me so much that I just shut up while the party finished flushing itself down the toilet of history and put Romney over the top.

The fact is, with Romney, we are doomed.  How on earth can a rich, snobbish, Mormon, Planned Parenthood supporting, medicine socialiser, Vulture Capitalist, tax evading, jobs exporter  be our party’s standard-bearer?  I have given money, I have marched with the Tea Party, I have collected signatures, I have protested, I have done everything and much, much, much more than should be expected of a 60 year old Navy Veteran and what, in the end is there to show for it?  Romney!!!  It’s absolutely unbelieveable.  I want to cry, in fact I have.

If you read my other works here, you would know that I was an ardent supporter of just about anyone but Romney.  I would have accepted anyone else.  As a true blooded American Christian Conservative, I have a problem with EVERYTHING about Romney.  Frankly, I don’t get it.  Does a majority of the Republican Party really believe that he is the best one to beat Obama?  Anyone – except quite possibly Romney – could beat Obama.  Obama’s a terrible president and the whole country knows it.  What is the appeal of Romney?

Abortion:  He says he is now Pro-Life, but he didn’t used to be.  How can we trust him on that?

Budget Deficit:  He doesn’t even have a plan that he will make public.

Business Experience:  Shipping jobs overseas and breaking up American companies.

He’s a  flip-flopping , stealth liberal, loser, loser,loser.

The only thing I get out of anyone that supports him is that he is NOT Obama.  That is also true of every other Republican candidate – so WHY ROMNEY?  Really, I can’t find anyone who can say ANYTHING about Romney other than he is not Obama.  Fact is, he is much closer to Obama than any other Republican I know of.

OK, I now address those that are reading this AFTER November’s disaster at the polls.  Where do we go from here?  Read my other writings.  Republicans win when they nominate true CONSERVATIVES.  With the exception of GHWB every winning Republican since 1960 has been a true CONSERVATIVE.  GHWB actually served Ronnie’s third term – that’s why he won. And see what happened the instant he ran away from true CONSERVATIVE principles.

To those who supported Romney, here is the truth:  Republicans will never again win until they put real SOCIAL CONSERVATIVES like Santorum or Perry at the top of the ticket.