The REAL Problem with Romney


He cannot escape it.  He signed it.

And now we have this: Mass. Healthcare Premiums Down 5%

While healthcare insurance premiums have gone up in other states, those  participating in the state’s Health Connector Commonwealth Care program are  enjoying a second year of reduced premium payments courtesy of the healthcare  reform act signed into law by then Gov. Mitt Romney, Forbes.com  reported.

President Barack  Obama‘s Affordable Care Act was patterned under Romney’s program in  Massachusetts and  designed to lower the amount of “free riders,” people who  don’t buy or can’t afford healthcare insurance but cannot by law, be turned away at a hospital emergency room if they have a  life-threatening illness, by mandating the purchase of healthcare insurance.

Read more: http://www.upi.com/Health_News/2012/04/14/Mass-healthcare-premiums-down-5/UPI-83201334422081/#ixzz1s51Ydrol

How can he escape it? The media wants ObamaCare.  Romney supporters, please tell me how Romney is going to survive through the election process without reversing course on his current stated position on ObamaCare.  OCare and RCare are so close to the same thing that it is embarrassing.

Look, I do not want ObamaCare. You don’t either.  But we are not going to have a choice come November.

The “best” Romney is going to be able to do, after August 30th, will be to claim that OCare is flawed in a way that RCare isn’t, or that insurance should be left to the states.  Both are extremely weak arguments.

My point is that nominating Romney is a cataclismic mistake.    The media will put out crap like the article linked above and force Romney to  embrace his legacy in Mass. once he is our nominee.  Then we will be stuck with it forever.

If you want Romney/ObamaCare, then by all means, nominate Romney.  There is still time to turn this around.

As Alan Stang used to say “Think about it!”