Would Ron Paul Do This?

Happy Easter everyone! May the precious blood of our Lord Jesus Christ strengthen and preserve you all unto eternal life.

As a fundamentalist Christian Conservative I have severe problems with Romney as the Republican nominee – I think I’ve made that very clear in the past. I don’t really know at this point what I am going to do in November.  I am at my wit’s end and I cannot seem to find a path that is consistent with most of what I believe in.

And now there is THIS.

The letter, written by Justin Raimondo, one of Ron Paul’s leading sycophants, is a call for Paul to form a third party challenge for November. And his reason for calling for this?

“In short, Republicans need to be taught a lesson, one they will never forget. By disdaining the substantial and growing libertarian wing of the GOP, and ignoring the desire for peace on the part of the larger public, they have earned nothing but defeat.”

Wow!!  Taught a lesson for not listening to a real crackpot?????

But what is this really?  We hear that Mitt is attempting to negotiate with the Paulites as to what it would take to get them on board.  It has even been suggested that Rand Paul as the VP would be their just demand.  This is the Paul campaign shooting a cannonball over the Romney campaign to start negotiating in good faith with the Paul campaign – which is actually good news that perhaps Romney is not negotiating in good faith with them.

But in the event there is some truth to the effort now or in the future, let’s parse this a little.  Nationally, Paul is between 10 and 16%.  Meanwhile, Santorum is still garnering 26 to 31%,  Both candidates have suffered from the perception that it is time to get behind the eventual winner to defeat Obama.  So let’s just stipulate that these numbers now represent the TRUE BELIEVERS in each camp.  So, by almost every reasonable honest measure Paul’s support is half of Santorum’s.  Why would there be a need to woo the Paul supporters and not the Santorum supporters when we are twice as large?

There is only one conclusion that can be reached. If true it would mean that Romney ASSUMES we Conservatives will come out and vote for him regardless.  To put this to rest, we had better start hearing of some negotiations with the Santorum people and possibly even the placement of Santorum on the ticket.  I can’t imagine Rick being willing to do that, but perhaps he would.

(BTW: This is further evidence of just why Romney is completely the wrong choice.  We need someone that can unite the factions in the Republican Party – someone that everyone can enthusiastically support.  Romney loses on almost every score.)

If Romney takes our votes for granted and therefore thinks that he can negotiate with the Paulites, then we have a very serious problem.  IF that is the direction Romney goes then we will have to act.  We will have no choice but to call for a boycott or perhaps even run an alternative candidate of our own.  Of course it will mean defeat, but a Romney/Paul coalition would already have assured that.  We would have to show our true will-power by NOT voting.  Paraphrasing Justin Raimondo:

In short, Republicans would need to be taught a lesson, one they would never forget. By disdaining the substantial and growing fundamentalist christian wing of the GOP, and ignoring their desire for true progress on reversing Roe v. Wade, they would have earned nothing but defeat.

AND, before I hear it from you all: I do know that Ron Paul professes to be a pro-life candidate, but that isn’t true. He believes in liberty in all cases and that would include the liberty to abort innocent babies.