Stemming the Tide or Changing the Game

Current conventional wisdom says that Mitt Romney has the best chance of defeating B. Hussein Obama this fall – I get that.

 But let’s examine that closely: We all know that Romney is not a true conservative.  Heck, the only part of him that is even Republican at all is that he favors a system that does not punish the job creators – but that’s probably only because he’s part of the super-rich. And nobody except the rich are really very interested in electing him President.  The only thing that seems to matter is that he has a better long shot at defeating Obama.

 I think there are a lot of people (and if the shoe fits, wear it) who need to wake up and start looking at the bigger picture.  Conservative ideology, Republican ideology will not be put forward by electing Romney.  Even IF he wins we will have a milk-toast conservative who will make deal after deal after deal with the Democrats.  He is not, nor will he ever be, what the country needs.

 Electing Romney is merely an effort to stem the tide of liberalism – and a weak attempt at that.  We made some real progress after the Clinton years (and those years weren’t so bad after all, we just didn’t know it at the time).  Now the pendulum has swung back – hard  – against us.  We need to THINK about how to win in the long run, and electing Mittens is not going to help AT ALL.

We need to change the game. 

 With Romney, the question will be: Is this SCOTUS nominee centrist or definitely right-wing?  The question will be: Is this cabinet nominee going to clean up Washington, or become a part of Washington?  We will have to ask those questions every time, and the answer will not always be clear. 

 Changing the game means going out on a limb a little and picking the candidate that will truly take on Washington with a Conservative agenda that takes no prisoners.  We need total dedication to that cause.  Santorum and Gingrich would both fit that bill, and the problem is that we have two of them to Romney’s one.  Combined, the Santorum/Gingrich vote is winning every primary.

 I have made no secret that Santorum would be my choice, but Gingrich would also be a game changer.

And it is not about winning.  Stemming the tide with Romney will only make it plausible that the Democrats could succeed again in 2016.  But…

 A strong conservative candidate that lost in 2012 would change the game and get the country ready for a conservative blow-out in 2016.  I shudder with the prospects of 4 more years of Obama, but if that is inevitable, then we would be much, much better served to have had a true debate in the public arena between the forces of darkness and the forces of conservative principles.  Whatever Obam does now can (mostly) be undone with a true conservative president along with the House and the Senate.

 Let’s CHANGE THE GAME!!  We’re losing this one.


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