I’m mad!!!!  No, I’m really, really mad!!!! No, I’m furious over the current situation in the Republican Party – but that isn’t what the title of my diary is about.

It dawned on me yesterday that the Republican Party elite – the Establishment – is engaging us conservatives in a game of Assured Destruction.  With Romney as their anointed nominee, they are saying to us that we had better tow the line for him because otherwise we get the destruction of another 4 years of Obama. 

That’s it!!  The ONLY thing we conservatives get out of that deal is NOT Obama.  Do we get Supreme Court nominees that would be assuredly Pro-life?  No!!  How about a constitutional amendment declaring that life begins at conception?  Not a chance!!  Do we get rid of ObamaCare?  No!!  Do we get an end to runaway government spending?  Maybe – probably not!  Is there any part of the conservative agenda that we get?  Probably NOT!  All we get is NOT Obama.

I was in the Navy at one time – aboard an SSBN submarine.  The purpose of that ship and its missiles was to provide a deterrent to the Soviets of an attack on the United States.  The key was the immense destructive power that the ship possessed.  With 24 missiles and multiple warheads per missile, our ship alone could have wrecked such havoc on the Soviet Union that they didn’t dare attack us.  As immoral as it seems to some, by being ready, willing and able to strike, we made it extremely unlikely that the Soviet Union would ever attack us.

You probably can see where I am going with this. Obama is the package of missiles that they (Romneybots) have loaded.  He is assured destruction and we are being told that we had better deliver our votes or the fury of Obama will be unleashed for another 4 years.

Like I said, that is Assured Destruction.  But you see, in the Cold War, there were two sides playing that game.  The problem is that we conservatives have not been playing that game at all.  We’ve been fighting on principle, trying to convince the masses of the wisdom of conservative principles.  And so far it hasn’t worked.  Some days we make progress but the Washington elite – the insiders – keep pushing the levers and the money and the press to put their priorities first. 

As terrible as nuclear weapons are, they are absolutely necessary in a world that already has them.  We have thus far refused to engage in that kind of warfare because we have taken the high moral ground and tried to fight on a playing field that is stacked against us with the equivalent of bows and arrows (of truth) against their nuclear weapons (of might and Obama).

So how can we fight back?  There is only one way to fight this.  There is only one thing we have – one thing that they desperately need from us, and that is our votes.  They cannot survive without our votes. We social conservatives provide the vast majority of the Republican votes.

Are we going to once again cave in to their Armageddon proposal:  Vote for Romney or be destroyed by Obama?

Ah, but it is still March.  Romney doesn’t yet have the nomination sewn up.  The convention isn’t until late August.  There is still time ( but you wouldn’t know that listening to the pundits after Tuesday). 

Would Santorum be acceptable to all sides in our Party?  Yes! He is pro-business, pro-life, and against profligate government spending.  Is he acceptable to Social Conservatives?  He IS our candidate!!  SANTORUM IS THE COMPROMISE CANDIDATE!!

If we had ever had to launch our missiles we would have known that we had failed.  We had to be ready willing and able to do it.  If ordered to do so, we would have done it, knowing full well that there were dire consequences (quite likely death) to us if we did so.  Only through that conviction were we able to convince the Soviet Union that they dared not attack us -and it worked (and still does).

It seems to me, that the only way we can play this game (that they are engaging in) is to declare that the game of Assured Destruction is now a multi-player game.  We need to declare in writing that if they nominate Romney that WE WILL NOT SHOW UP on November 6 – AT ALL.  No votes for your idiot, no votes for your Congressmen, no votes for your Senators.  Nothing!!  Just as in nuclear war, it’s Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD).  You lose everything if Romney is the nominee.  Yes it is MAD!!

That’s how MAD works.  It doesn’t work if we turn around after Romney is nominated and say, “OK, we’ll vote for him anyway.”  They’ve got to know that we have the conviction to follow through and really stay at home if they nominate Obama-lite.  They are going to shrug their shoulders at this and say that we will fall in line after the convention.  Thus, we only have power now.  How can we convince them that we will stay home?  I don’t know the answer to that.

Everyone knows that Romney is a crapshoot at best for knocking off Obama.  So, here’s the grand deal: Nominate Santorum and we will show up – everyone will show up.  Then, even if Obama wins, we then still have the majority in Congress and possibly even the Senate to keep Obama in check.  On the other hand, nominate Romney and then you get Obama on steroids.  Yes it is a terrible threat, but what else can we do?

Help me out here true conservatives.  Do you understand what we must do, or are you going to cave and go vote for Obama-lite if they nominate him?