What Constitutes "Conservative Enough"?

I like to think about the long term. With Obama in the White House our nation has certainly taken its share of losses lately, but are they really going to matter in the long-term?  Only time will tell.  Despite everything that is happening, I remain confident that we will eventually prevail, but WE NEED TO THINK ABOUT THE LONG-TERM.

  • Will abortion be permanently illegal in this country 20 years from now?
  • Will we have a free-enterprise economic system 40 years from now?
  • Will we have a military that is able to defend our freedoms 30 years from now?

These are the questions that really matter, and in the spirit of these questions we must begin to analyse what we are doing in this Presidential election cycle.

Suppose that we nominate Romney and by some miracle of fate he is elected President.  Where does that get us? 

Is Romney going to turn around the abortion situation?  Did George W. Bush turn it around? (Answer: No!!!)  Anyone think that Romney has a chance to change things? How sure are we that he will only nominate pro-life justices?  Look at his record carefully before you answer.

Would Romney reverse the trend toward socialism?  Hmmm… How likely is he to overturn RomneyCare…oh sorry… ObamaCare?

Would President Romney be willing to compromise with Democrats and reduce the federal deficit by slashing defense spending?

Romney can claim he is a “Severe Conservative” (for that matter he can attach whatever superlative to “conservative” that he wants) but it will not change the fact that HE ISN’T A CONSERVATIVE. In fact, EVERYONE KNOWS THIS!!  He is a panderer, and no matter what he says, political expediency is more than likely to rule the day and in the end we are going to be left with nothing. 

The only way to succeed in the long run is to elect a TRUE CONSERVATIVE!!  We must elect someone who is a CONSERVATIVE to his very core.  A person who drinks CONSERVATIVE Kool-aide, who eats CONSERVATIVE raw meat, and breaths CONSERVATIVE fire.  Every bone in his body, every fiber of his being must be completely, totally, 1000% CONSERVATIVE!  He must be uncompromising and totally dedicated to saving this nation and not himself.  That is the only way that change is going to happen.

This isn’t just a game people!!  This is real, in fact this is as real as it gets.  There is no such thing as “Too Conservative”.  There are not various grades of conservative.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of candidates who are not actually conservative, and Mitt Romney is the most obvious one.

So how do we get a true CONSERVATIVE into the White House?  Unfortunately, things need to get worse before that will happen.  We need to see the abject failure of Liberalism on display.  We need (unfortunately) to see the economy once again in free-fall.  We need to see the crime rates rising and the communists standing at the door.  We need to see the medical system failing.  These things are happening because of Obama, but they haven’t totally come to fruition yet.  We (conservatives) know that these things are coming, and we can warn our fellow (idiot) citizens of them, but they will not listen – for now.  Only when they see it with their own eyes will they realize what we have been telling them: That liberalism is destroying us!! 

This is way beyond the RINO issue.  Many Republicans are CINO (Conservative In Name Only).  This isn’t really a Republican/Democrat issue. 

I still have hope for this year, but week after week of improved job statistics fiction are convincing more and more people that the fiasco in the White House should get another term.  I have hope that Willard will not be the Republican nominee (Newt doesn’t really qualify either, but I would at least vote for him).  If we lose with Romney, how will the eventual victory of CONSERVATIVISM be furthered? It won’t!!  We need someone who will clearly articulate the conservative view of things.  Presidential elections have a way of doing that.  Many more people pay attention and regardless of their votes this time around, they will know what we conservatives stand for and they will understand our differences with Obama.   It took 16 years from Barry Goldwater’s defeat until we saw the election of Reagan.  Similarly, it might take several cycles before we see a similar result, but I doubt it.  But we need a CONSERVATIVE nominee for that to happen. 

Santorum – now there’s a CONSERVATIVE!! I would rather he wasn’t a Catholic, but I can live with that – at least he isn’t a member of a true cult.  Can he win?  I doubt it, but I still have hope.  In any case, it would be far, far better to lose with Santorum than to win with Romney.

There, I said it!!  Condemn me all you want, but you know deep in your heart it is true.  But that isn’t really the choice, is it?  Romney isn’t going to win/Romney cannot win.  If we are going to lose anyway, why not plant the seeds of eventual victory?  And who knows – maybe, just maybe, Santorum could win this time around.  Now wouldn’t that be kick in the pants?