Sam Rohrer for PA

For eight long years, Ed Rendell and the Democratic Party have held the reigns on Pennsylvania, dragging it deep into debt and unemployment.  Republicans now have a ripe opportunity to take the senate and governorships, but there is trouble on the horizon.

That problem is the leading candidate for governor, Tom Corbett.  He like Rendell has more than one skeleton in his closet.  He also has stated that he views the constitution as a living document.  There is some hope:  Sam Rohrer.

Sam has built a strong Conservative record throughout his service in the state house.  He has fought for tax reform, property tax elimination, and the rights of the unborn.  He has following through the tea party and patriots for his strong beliefs in the personal freedom and the free market.

Time is running out; the primary is being held on May 18.  His record speaks for itself, please take a look and consider supporting him.