Pandering to His New Base

Snarlin’ Arlen does it again.

Seeing how Sen. Specter is facing a competitive primary from the left and given his past behavior, it doesn’t come as a surprise that our friend, Arlen Specter, has taken another sharp left turn – this time on Afghanistan.  His office sent out an e-mail, heralding his opposition to the troop surge and dismissing any prospect of victory.

He’s using this as an attempt to gain some support from his new left wing base, which has begun flocking in droves to Congressman Joe Sestak.   Taking advantage of the situation in Afghanistan and declaring defeat to pander to the left is certainly a new low (even for Arlen).  Voters are beginning to pick up on his true colors: a recent Rasmussen Poll of likely Democratic primary voters has Sestak within 13 points, and Specter under the dangerous 50% support mark for an incumbent.  Sestak is certainly gaining ground on Specter as he introduces himself with liberal voters in PA.

On the other hand, this can be seen as great news for Pat Toomey.  With both candidates vying for the Liberal vote and moving farther and farther left on issues, they will be unacceptable choices for Pennsylvania’s large moderate and independent voters.  This presents the perfect opportunity for Toomey, who has positioned himself as a center-right centrist.  Republicans have an excellent opportunity to take this seat.

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