An Even More Inconvenient Truth

The Climategate E-mails have issued a devastating blow to global warming proponents.  As it turns out our highly esteemed climate change “experts” have been receiving millions for their “scientific” work.  On top of that, there is new evidence discrediting the theory.

The man at the center of the controversy, Professor Phil Jones received 13 million Euros in research grants.  The E-mails that were leaked between him and  other scientists prove that he was manipulating  scientific data to back up claims of global warming.  Another professor admitted to making up temperatures to show rising global temperatures, when in fact they were declining.  The warmest year on record is 1934.

In Al Gore’s famous, An Inconvenient Truth, he used data from the Mauana Loa Observatory to back up his claims of increasing CO2 levels.  The data was correct; CO2 levels were rising.  The only problem is that the Mauana Loa Observatory is located on an active volcano, which spews CO2 into the atmosphere.  Shockingly Al Gore forgets to mention this minuet detail in his film.  Oddly enough, the situation isn’t much different with other observatories.  American Samoa Observatory is also located near an active volcano and has had similar skewed results.

Unsurprisingly MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and other mainstream media companies have done very little to report the truth.  But why?  Perhaps the answer lies in the fact that there is a Climate Change Bill trying to make its way through the Senate.  Or it could even be the up and coming climate change summit in Copenhagen, that President Obama will be attending.

I have a feeling that it’s both.  Either way, the newly leaked Climategate E-mails create a daunting problem for global warming alarmists.  The combination of this and mounting evidence discrediting global warming presents an even more inconvenient truth for Al Gore and Barack Obama than global warming ever was.

*On an even happier note, the L.A. Times is reporting that 2 Academy members are asking Al Gore to give back his Oscar