Curt Schroder for Congress

Congressman Jim Gerlach will not be running for reelection in the Pennsylvania’s 6th district because of his gubernatorial campaign for governor.  PA-6 is a largely suburban district in southeastern PA, and Democrats are giddy for the opportunity to take the seat.  Don’t let them.

One Republican has emerged as the clear conservative in the race, and he is Curt Schroder.  Curt has served in the Pennsylvania state house since 1994 and has had a solid conservative record to back it up.  He has fought against the Labor-backed “Card Check” legislation and has championed right-to-work laws.

There’s going to be a hard fought campaign for the 6th district in 2010, and it is important for conservatives to support the right candidates.  Curt Schroder can win this district.

His website is here:  http://vote4curt.com/

Donate here: https://secure.donortownsquare.com/SSL/donate.aspx?sgst=-1&amt=0&ai=572&qs=C2SFW