Good News in New Jersey

PPP has posted their last poll coming out of the garden state.  It shows Chris Christie with a 6 pt. lead over Corzine:  http://publicpolicypolling.blogspot.com/2009/11/christie-leads.html

This is very good news, but what makes this even better is the amount of political capital Obama has invested in it.  A very Democratic state like New Jersey electing a Republican over a candidate Obama (who won NJ 57%-42%) has campaigned hard for will be a serious embarrassment to the the president.

In Virginia Bob McDonell holds a double digit lead over Creigh Deeds in a state which voted Obama 53%-46%.  PPP has Doug Hoffman leading Owens by a wide margin as well.  I have a feeling Tuesday night isn’t going to be a fun night for Obama and the rest of the Democrats.