The Myth of Multiple Language Unity

As I returned from lunch today I noticed an electrical service station littered with high voltage warnings, and noting the danger of tampering with the contents.

All of the warnings were in English. Sadly, a lawyer could probably have a field day if an illegal alien who doesn’t speak English tampered with it and hurt themselves, which leads to a bigger point – we need a common,  standard language in this country. Many states already have this, but unfortunately Texas, where I live, is not one of them.

Whenever a politician brings up the subject of “English As The Official Language”, the familiar wails from the Left start up. They call it “divisive” or even “racist” to enforce a common language. The ACLU even laughably claims that a common language of English would prevent non-English speaking people from receiving government services. Never mind that it’s entirely possible for a non-English speaker to learn the language – logic has never been a strong point of the Left.

But this thought that somehow using English as an official language is “divisive” is complete farce.

This is obvious to anyone with a rudimentary understanding of logic. Two people who can not communicate with each other can not possibly reach any kind of understanding, therefore there is no chance at a real “unity”.

The converse is also true – As an exercise, consider the story of the Tower of Babel from Genesis 11 in the Bible. Even if you’re not a religious person, the story holds a truth: It notes that in order to divide humanity into groups, God gave them different languages to make them unable to understand each other.

So, logically, to promote unity there should be a common language, and to promote discord, multiple languages.

In order to communicate effectively, whether it’s a topic of discussion or a way to alert a person of imminent danger, whether it’s an electrical station or a storm capable of producing tornadoes, a common language, and the ability to communicate, it not only necessary, but logical. Requiring everyone to adhere to a standard is not racist, either, as no one is saying to anyone that you can’t speak a language other than English, just that English should be a language that all American citizens speak.