Freedom from Accountability

When liberals talk about freedom, they mean something completely different than what a conservative or a libertarian would consider freedom.

To a conservative / libertarian, freedom is the ability to make choices in life – free will, and self-determination.

This is not what a liberal considers to be freedom. If you analyze liberal positions, you will see that the Left actively looks to subvert freedom as conservatives know it and replace it with a freedom from accountability.

While reading some news sites, I came across this article: http://tinyurl.com/36camd2  .

Several things struck me about this article. First, how ridiculous is it to psychoanalyze a fictional character? Second, by trying to explain the so-called “root cause”, they are trying to remove any responsibility for Darth Vader doing evil things.

When Natalie Maines created a controversy with her comments about then President Bush, the left complained about “censorship” when people heard her comments and decided that they didn’t want to listen to her songs on the radio anymore. By raising the spectre of censorship against Maines, the left was trying to remove any accountability she had for her comments.

Even abortion is an attempt to remove accountability. By allowing women to murder their unborn child, the left is trying to remove the consequence of sexual intercourse. Barack Obama, as a candidate, once said that he supported abortion because if one of his daughters made a mistake, he didn’t want them punished with a baby. This removes accountability from the choice of having sexual intercourse.

The Left likes to look for “root causes” as to why the terrorists hate Western Civilization – which absolves the terrorists of choosing to murder innocents. Sadly this “root cause” nonsense occurs amongst Leftist thinking over and over again. Violent criminals can’t be held responsible for their actions, because they’re just victims of society.

Consider a thug that rapes and murders a young woman. To a liberal looking for root causes and freedom from accountability, this thug is an innocent snowflake who had daddy issues and couldn’t control himself. When they attempt to shift blame to the father, it’s not his fault either because he decided to start drinking, and ended up an alcoholic, it’s his mother’s fault for abandoning him at a young age – and the shifting of accountability goes on and on and on…

Where does it end up? Ask a Liberal, and depending on their mood you’ll get one of two answers as to who’s fault it is…

They’ll either blame George W. Bush or Global Warming.

Until the liberals decide that Global Warming has a personality disorder. Then it’s all Bush’s fault.