The Myth of the 'Informed Choice' of Abortion

One argument that Pro-Abortion advocated make is that they want the matter of abortion to be “an informed choice between a woman and her doctor.”

Unfortunately, under scrutiny this is exposed to be another lie from the pro-choice crowd. Recently, the state of Oklahoma passed a law that would require women seeking an abortion to have a sonagram first. Pro-Abortionists, predictably, have gone berserk about it.

Sonagrams are not done just to try and determine the gender of the child, they can also measure the development of the child – skull diameter is measured, femur length is measures, and even the heart rate is measured. All of this is relevant data to the “medical procedure” of abortion. So why shouldn’t this information be given to women?

The reality is that it exposes another lie that the pro-abortion crowd tells: That the fetus is a glob of cells, and not really a baby. Talk about disregarding the man behind the curtain…

The heartbeat can usually be detected just 5 weeks after conception. Shouldn’t women be informed of the heartbeat they’re about to stop?

C’mon, pro-abortionists, you say you want women to make informed choices – and yet you seek to deny some relevant information?

I guess that exposes the third lie – that the “pro-choice” crowd supports the choice, that none of them really want abortions. “Safe, Legal, and Rare”, right Mr. Clinton?

Then why oppose this law? Why are you pro-choicers afraid that some women, after hearing a heartbeat, might choose life?