If you're pro-life, then adopt or shut up?

Many of us, especially if you correspond in any political forums, have likely seen the following “brilliant” point from a liberal on abortion:

“Yeah, well if you’re so pro-life, why don’t you adopt a kid! Otherwise, shut up!”

The problem with the statement is that like most liberal arguments, it’s completely devoid of logic.

Pregnancy is not a choice. A woman can not choose whether or not to be pregnant the same way a woman can choose what color shirt to wear. Somewhere, a man is involved – even if the woman goes to a sperm bank. It’s not a switch that can be flipped like the lights.

Pregnancy is, however, a consequence.

Not all consequences are bad, for many couples pregnancy is a happy consequence of the result of trying for a baby – but make no mistake, pregnancy is a consequence, most often the consequence of having unprotected sexual intercourse.

With that established, the liberal “argument” of desiring conservatives to adopt the “unwanted” children is asking a conservative to accept the consequence from some one else’s actions.

It would be just as absurd for a college student to ask someone else to accept the hangover from the previous night of binge drinking…