Deterring a Mumbai Style Attack In the United States

In the aftermath of the Mumbai terrorist attacks, one question that is on people’s minds is “Could it happen here?”

Unfortunately, the answer is Yes. The terrorists were able to somehow cross the Indian border and coordinate an assault in a major city, where they preyed on a mostly unarmed populace. What about the police, you say? There’s a story where a photographer, Sebastian D’Souza, was quoted as complaining about the armed police not shooting back at the terrorists.

So what should we, as Americans, do to protect ourselves from this kind of event?

There are two ways to discourage this kind of attack. First, in order for a terrorist group to launch a coordinated attack in an American city, they have to get to that American city. We must make it as hard as possible for anyone with malicious intent to get inside our country. If a migrant farm worker can cross the border by walking across it in the Arizona desert illegally, so can a terrorist. Next, it’s time to put a 10 year moratorium on student visa’s from countries that the terrorists are operating from. While this would cause good people to be kept out of the country, perhaps the political pressure from these people in these countries would begin to have more of an effect on the terrorist cells.

Unfortunately, closing the border is not a foolproof solution on it’s own.

The second way to discourage a Mumbai terrorist attack in the United States is for all American Citizens to fully exercise their Second Amendment rights, and to take advantage of any concealed carry laws in your states. If your state doesn’t have a concealed carry law, write your state representation and demand one.

A Japanese Admiral, Isoroku Yamamoto, was famously quoted as saying “You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind each blade of grass.” Unfortunately, with the misguided desire to create “gun free zones”, this might not be the case any longer. Too many weak-kneed liberals are under the mistaken assumption that all guns are “bad” and should be banned. The harsh reality is that Americans have unfortunately seen massive murders carried about by armed gunmen in this country. Two of the most famous attacks – Columbine and Virginia Tech – occurred at schools: No guns allowed. In other words, the shooters knew the likelihood of someone shooting back was pretty slim.

Often the Left in this country demands that we look at European Laws and emulate them here. Ironically, this is one time where conservatives can use this fact to convince liberals we’re right: In Switzerland, all males 18-30 are part of the militia. They are issued an automatic rifle, and are required to be trained with it and demonstrate competence with it. Once they age past 30, they are allowed to keep their rifle, though the rifle is converted to a semi-automatic rifle. To date, this has been an effective deterrent to anyone with the desire to invade Switzerland.

However, as a conservative, it is distasteful to me to require gun ownership. It’s favorable to encourage gun ownership instead of require it. So how about this idea: Buy a semi-automatic rifle or handgun, demonstrate competence with it, and get a $2000 yearly tax deduction, $2500 if you get a concealed carry permit.