Is Larry Sabotage Offering the DGAs Daschle Talking Points?

As conservatives, we expect the MSM, Democrat operatives, and liberal activists to try to torpedo our candidates and derail our grassroots efforts. Unfortunately, it appears that the “non-partisan” Larry Sabato has joined a growing number of right-of-center political pundits who feel compelled to furnish our ideological enemies with ammunition.

Sabato, Director of University of Virginia’s Center for Politics and frequent Fox News Contributor tweeted out this message on September 20th:

It may be ethics issues more than Tea status that’s costing Rs some races: CO GOV, DE SEN, and maybe GA GOV & FL GOV.

Sadly, two days later, Sabato’s list was practically parroted in this statement by Nathan Daschle, the Executive Director of the Democrat Governors Association.

In a conference call with reporters, Daschle singled out seven GOP nominees — Tom Emmer in Minnesota, Nathan Deal in Georgia, Florida’s Rick Scott, Carl Paladino in New York, Bill Brady in Illinois, Paul LePage in Maine and Dan Maes in Colorado — to compare to O’Donnell [Delaware], the upstart Senate candidate who trounced veteran Rep. Mike Castle in last week’s GOP primary in Delaware.

“These are people who would not have won their primaries in any other year, and they are people whose fitness for office I question,” Daschle said.

While I doubt that Daschle literally received talking points from Sabato, it’s very unfortunate that it could even appear as though that could be the case.

Where Daschle questions these candidates’ “fitness for office,” Sabato’s tweet cites “ethics issues” and notes that these issues are “costing” Republicans some races. Last I checked, the election isn’t until November 2nd.

As a Georgia voter and Deal supporter, Sabato is lending undue credence to trumped up ethical claims leveled at Deal, including a witch-hunt resulting from a complaint filed by the Soros-funded CREW and handed off to the Pelosi-created Office of Congressional Ethics while Deal was serving in Congress.

In recent weeks, local Georgia media has also made much over a $2.3M loan Deal guaranteed for his daughter and son-in-law. Due to their now-failed retail business, Deal’s daughter and husband were forced to file bankruptcy, leaving Deal responsible for the note, a commitment he’s publicly stated he will honor.

Perhaps the existence of “ethics issues” is wishful thinking on Sabato’s part because his preferred candidates lost? After all, Tea Party-favored candidate Christine O’Donnell took out liberal “Republican” Castle in the DE primary and Dan Maes in Colorado, another Tea Party favorite, beat out DC insider and former US Representative Scott McInnis.

As for whom Sabato may have favored in Georgia governor’s race, see this tweet from 9/22, nearly seven weeks after the run-off election and made the same day Daschle’s statements were published:

Can you imagine what Karen Handel is telling friends in GA? GOP made a big goof in nominating Nathan Deal 4 GOV in a squeaker.

Mr. Sabato, the GOP didn’t nominate Nathan Deal, the voters of Georgia did. Why would you comment on the race all these weeks later and in such a personal and divisive way if not to foment tension among the conservative base after a contentious run-off? Your remark only fuels the flames of alleged ethical issues and furthers the false Democratic narrative. Our Democratic opponents know best where to hit us because “non-partisan” pundits like Sabato give them a map.

Sabato is playing with fire, the Democratic nominee in Georgia is Roy Barnes, a past one-term governor, millionaire trial attorney and staunch Obama ally. Is Re-run Roy who Sabato would rather Georgians pick as their next governor?

Sabato has built a media career on being perceived as non-partisan and fair. If conservatives are to continue to view him as such, it would behoove him if the opinions he voices and quips he tweets didn’t serve our opposition.

For those of you not familiar with Nathan Deal, I refer you to this article in the Washington Examiner.