My 'Snap Answer' To Mort Zuckerman

Mort Zukerman, editor-in-chief of US News and World Report, in his article, How To Get Americans Working Again opines that there is no snap answer as to how accelerate job growth. He is wrong.
I’m not an intellectual, nor a PhD., nor have I ever labeled myself an expert, but do have a snap answer to his seemingly perplexing question. An answer that is guaranteed to lower the unemployment rate, kick start the jobs market and get the economy on track again. In four simple steps:
1. Cut capital tax gains and voila, people start investing, selling, freeing up income in the private sector which businesses can use to hire.
2. Kill and bury current health care reform. No one will hire until they know the costs.
3. Cut corporate tax rates across the board. The economy will rebound in about 10 seconds. And state and government coffers will receive massive infusions of new tax dollars.
4. Get rid of minimum wage laws and let the market function and prosper as is has done for centuries.
Wrap your mind around that, Mort, and tell me where I’m wrong. Please try to couch your answer in terms I’ll understand and I’m not as smart as you.
I am smart enough, however, to still have the common sense God gave me. A common sense that is sorely lacking in any of these phony job summits and speeches that Obama is currently engaged in.
I hear lots of pretty words from Obama, but his actions speak louder than his PR spin. And his actions have me scared because every single step he has taken in the past year has plunged the economy deeper into recession. From letting the Bush tax cuts to expire, to his war on banks, to his quadrupling of the deficit. I could go on…
The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Yet every single proposal and/or supposed ‘solution’ issuing out of the Obama White House are policies that have failed in the past and are failing now. Obama’s solution: More of the same.
I don’t need to be a PhD. to know that Obama’s ‘solutions’ are a recipe for disaster. Yet I seem to be the only one asking the question: Is Obama intentionally trying to destroy the economy? Or is he just acting on blind ideology and a supreme case of hubris? Either way, the results are the same. Failure. That you and I end up paying for. Again.
Obama, man of action that he is, has authorized yet another commission to study the job market, or something. The only jobs created will be the bureaucrats toiling to reconcile the growing disconnect between leftist theory and virtual reality. And we will keep losing jobs. And Obama will continue to make it worse by attacking the banks, undermining the dollar and putting America on the path to bankruptcy.
I have a suggestion. For a mere $100,000, I will issue the four easy steps to beat the recession I listed above to the big mucky-mucks surrounding Obama. No-one can claim that those 4 steps won’t immediately cure what the Obama administration seems to regards as a perplexing and unsolvable issue.
Which begs the question: Are Obama and his advisors so ignorant of the lessons of history that they are merely idealistic intellectuals educated beyond their intelligence? Or could they have another objective in all this? Stupid or devious? Enquiring minds want to know.
With the old media still framing the debate, the media elite will continue to inform we the people that snap answers and clear solutions are somehow unavailable. The ‘experts’ know best. Well folks, based on the events of the past year, we know the ‘experts’ don’t know their backsides from their spin – so why are we still listening to them?
Why are we allowing them to sow the seeds of class envy? Why have we allowed them to define the problem as ‘greedy rich people?’ When, by the way, is the last time a poor man gave you a job?
Lest we forget, government doesn’t create jobs. People create jobs. And I am curious as to why Obama is throwing every road-block he can in the way of economic recovery? Do you have a snap answer for that, Mort?

Nancy Morgan is a columnist and news editor for RightBias.com
She lives in South Carolina