Henry County GOP County Level Meeting

My husband, Lou, and I are 912’ers, Tea Party, grassroots conservative Americansm who are tired of having to choose the least of two evils on election day.  We decided that we should be involved with the most local level of the Republican Party, hoping that next election we will have candidates of character, people with a moral compass, who are dedicated servants to We the People–the way our forefathers were.

Imagine our shock when we watched a party divided against itself on the precinct and on the county level. The ranks of the Henry County GOP were swelled to twice its normal size.  However, the established members were livid that we newbies, 912’ers and Tea Party people, attended.  The established people had about 20 votes more than we newbies.  We wanted officers who would be open to the cry of our hearts, which was definitely not “business as usual.”  However, the established members were not interested in our help.

Examples of what we don’t want are Chambliss and Isakson, who vote against what we ask them to vote for, such as Isakson’s vote for START and to repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.  Chambliss sponsored a bill that will cause the FDA to be involved with Georgia citizens who are growing and selling tomatoes or yard eggs.  Both voted for TARP.

Last year at 912 in Washington was about 3 R’s–repeal Obamacare; reinstate the Constitution; and reduce spending.  What conservative would be against the 3 R’s?

Must be quite a few.  We were treated as the enemy at the county GOP.  Several people actually shouted in triumph each time they “taught us a lesson.”

The outgoing chair and the temporary chair and the incoming chairs, all spoke of unity–United we stand; divided we fall type statements.  The actions spoke so loudly, the words were meaningless.