Helping Newt Build A Stronger Campaign Starts With Us

And then there were four. We are left with Newt, Romney, Santorum, and Paul. I can’t and won’t support Paul, Romney has not even made an attempt to gain our trust, and I dont think that Santorum has the skills to take it to Obama or the resources to wage a national campaign. The only reason that he won in Iowa is because he practically lived there for 6 months traveling to every single county and talking with almost every person in the state. He wont have the time or the resources to do that again in any state therefore we won’t see him surge again. That leaves us with Newt. Newt has had some personal shortcomings in the past, but he has apologized for those events and repented. He has received extremely crucial endorsements and is surging as the only viable anti Romney. In addition, he is the only individual on the stage with the charisma and witt needed to articulate the things that we all feel so passionately about. He has the skills to shove conservatism down Barack Obama’s throat.

Through encouragement from Erik Erickson as well as what we have seen with our own eyes over the past week, RS is ever increasingly supportive of Mr. Gingrich. We dont want to see Mitt win this thing. One of the major criticisms of Newt is his lack of organization and a nationwide campaign structure. So get on out and use your talents to help us out!

So, what do we do? Get out there and support the speaker in any way that you can. If you look back at my posts it has been no secret that I am a Newt supporter.

Since early November I have been volunteering my time with Newts Campaign at his Campaign HQ in Atlanta, GA. Some of the things I have done and you too could do include:

  •  Phone banking from the State or National HQ,
  •  ***Make phone calls from home (Via Newts website: www.newt.org, there is a phone banking system)
  • *** I have pounded the pavement out in Greenville and Easly SC (You can in FL or anywhere in your own state or upcoming primary state)
  • Pass out literature
  • Answer phone calls and questions via telephone (ATL or other HQ)
  • Open mail (If in ATL or any other HQ)
  • Write letters to the local Newspapers
  • Of course donate money
  • And many other important tasks

Log On to www.newt.org and sign up to be a volunteer. Someone will get in contact with you.

Go to Facebook and go to Newt’s Profile, they have a “states with Newt” section. Just find your state, post that you want to help and start chatting and someone will get you set up.

Also directly email:

Atlanta, GA: Patrcik Mayer: [email protected] (Atlanta, GA Coordinator, but she will get you in contact with someone from your state)

South Carolina: Ella Krivitchenko: [email protected] (SC Coordinator, she can get you set up anywhere in South Carolina)

Florida/National: Sonya Harrison: [email protected] or Patrick Mayer: [email protected] (Just let them know you are from florida or whatever state you are from, either one of them can get you set up)

Also copy me in on any of them and I will follow up to make sure that someone gets back to you  Nathan Bell: [email protected]


So get on up, lets stop talking about this and put your money or your sweat where your mouth is.