I've Had It Up to My Neck With The Paul Supporters Relentless and Tacky Attacks

I know that Ron Paul is consistent. I know that he has not changed his stances in over 30 years in Congress. I know he has a strong conservative fiscal policy. But this guy is unnelectable. Your rants, raves, and unwillingness to debate or converse in exchange for closeminded and naive ATTACKS is sickening. You are not doing yourself a service by attacking people who don’t share your opinions. All of your arguments are now falling on deaf ears the party is sick and tired of being attacked by you and the only thing you are doing is polarizing your candidate (as if he hadn’t already done that himself over the past 30 years). Look the Tea Party is tired with the establishment and big government hubbabaloo as well but you dont see them booing down candidates and relentlessly ripping into those who dont share your viewpoint. Strong conservatives don’t shout conservatives down, they dont rant and rave without allowing intelligent discourse, you are looking more like Occupy fools than conservatives, we save that mess for the liberals. Its tacky, distasteful, and only encouraging those who might have  listened to you viewpoints or even joined your viewpoints want to distance themselves from you.

I don’t deny that Dr. Paul is consistent and unwavering, but there is absolutely a reason that he has only been able to get a VERY SMALL FRACTION of 1% of his legislation through congress throughout his entire 3 decades in congress…. Because people can’t get on board with his radical ideologies. He would be the most unsuccessful president ever because of how unwavering he is. If we want to get this country turned around we need someone who can unite both sides and get some real change effected. Newt has proved he could do that in the 90’s already when he forced Clinton to balance the budget 4 years in a row, the only thing that Paul has proven is that he can stay steadfast making an argument that he can’t get anyone else to get on board with, he has never and will never effect change because he can’t work with other people to get things done. He might be the single most ineffective legislator in history out in his own world for the last however many decades he’s been there. The only reason he has gotten where he is today is because of an open primary system. I would argue that in the general over half of his supporters would meander back over to Obama where they have been all along. That’s the Paul I see in all honesty. No hard feelings it’s just politics and I know my opinion doesn’t really matter a hill of beans to you.

If he can’t reach across the aisle and make concessions to get things back on track, then all he is doing is standing up and making philosophical statements that don’t matter at all because they will never be a reality. Heck he cant even get 80% of republicans on board how will he get anything done in the real world. Rick Santorum summed it up best. As president he will get all of things Americans fear him most for done on the first day and all the things we like him for likely never will get done.

If you like him and want to support him, thats fine. But quit the relentless attacks. We Redstate contributers enjoy a good conversation and debate. Your strategy is destructive at best!

Thanks everyone, I had to get that off my chest.