Is Romney Just Too "Coached" to Connect With Us?

I really like the description of Romney as being too coached. I think that explains a lot of our distaste for him. It is far too easy for people to distinguish between what is genuine and what is “coached.” For many reasons Romney’s speeches just don’t smell right to us. Something about the way that Mitt tries to relate to the common person doesn’t feel honest at all. When he delivers a speech it feels like we can all picture what his staff said to him before he went out on stage. Its hard for me to focus on what he is saying because I can see him backstage with his PR guy who make a million dollars a year as they sit down and cook up all of these strategies for him to connect with the public. We all know that he is filthy rich but that isn’t what makes us dislike him. It’s the fact that he tries to dupe us all so smuggly that really gets on my nerves. It’s like… Mitt we know that you were not worried about getting a pink slip. Don’t try to gain our support by coming up with such disingenuous trash. Mitt supporters want to know why we don’t trust him and in my eyes this is not some great mystery. He tries to gain our support with blatant dishonesty that is written directly on his forehead.

In the early 90’s Mitt was a independent leftist because it was politically adventagious of him to do so, he is now an “ardent conservative” for the same reason. Mitt spins his idealogical flip flops as a a developmental growth. That as he grew older he gained the wisdom that allowed him to see the light. This personal and idealogical development was far too politically convenient time and time and time again to be pure coincidence. Everyone knows this. Everyone knows that Mitt will do and say whatever it takes to advance himself. When he talks about career politicians in a negative light, we all know that he has tried to be a career politician his entire life. He tries to convince us that his lifelong personal failures in politics were somehow orchestrated. He tells us that he opposed Ted Kennedy never expecting to win.  He would have us believe that he has always wanted to just be a business man, never a politician, and he is merely running because he knows that America “Needs him” and it is his duty to run for us, and that he hasnt had political asperations his entire life.  I believe Newt hit the nail on the head with the Pious Baloney comment. Mitt is out for Mitt. He is willing to do and say whatever it takes to get elected.

I don’t think that Mitt will be as electable in the big show as we might think for one major reason. Obama is likeable, it doesnt take coaching for Obama to say things that we can all connect with. We feel his presence and he is a naturally likeable personality. I could see myself striking up a natural conversation with Obama. Whereas, I feel like I couldnt have a decent conversation with Romney that didnt follow up with… “Ok, Yes sir, are you ready for your check, would you like another glass of wine?”