"Dont you annoying hick Tea Party conservatives get it? We the "Establishment" Want him to be our nominee gosh darn it!"

WE GET ALREADY “establishment” and mainstream media. Mitt is not to be touched in your eyes. We stand by and let Romney use his millions to tear apart his oponents but… how dare you… its taboo to say anything about Mitt…. Because gosh darn it… don’t you stupid conservatives and tea partiers know???? We want him to be our nominee. He’s off limits!

Well I tell you I don’t care. I believe Mitt is a Myth.

Wait wait wait. Let me rethink that.

He’s not a myth he’s just a patchwork of lies sewn together in attempt to create a candidate the establishment can puppet around. They are convinced that his history of conflicting viewpoints will make him impenetrable to the Democratic Party, when really he is just an empty vessel that cannot create any passion or excitement. A person cannot be passionate or excited about ideas that aren’t their own. Mitt has proven he will say and do whatever it takes to get elected, the people don’t trust him and he will likely be the least exciting and arguably the most detrimental down ticket candidate our party has nominated in our recent history.

Newt has told no lies. These attacks were inevitably going to come up. If anything it is noble to draw attention to it now rather than wait for the general. Imagine a point in which Romney and Obama are neck and neck, this could foreseeably be the bombshell that hiccups the campaign just enough to edge Obama in the big show. This gives us an opportunity to sort it out now. Let someone with less flip flops or plausible ammo step in or allow Mitt to come up with an effective defense. These are fair game facts. They play directly into the Obama’s already designed plan of attack. They will be effective, to think that that the American public will overlook this would be to have, and I hate to say it, TOO much faith in the intelligence of the American people. This is a fair attack at getting the party to rethink Romney’s default and so far unquestioned position of electability. Somebody had to have the guys to put on trial Romney’s chosen status. Look I personally believe that Newt is the only candidate capable of effectively articulating the things we all feel so passionately about. If dirty laundry is what you’re worried about with Newt we need to call the Hazmat team in to clean out Mitt’s closet. He has been on every side of every argument one can think of, and the fact that Romney supporters want to call Newt out on a policy here and there is laughable. The hypocrisy in sitting back and watching Romney attack Newt in Iowa from the left on welfare reform and then calling the party to arms when Newt highlights a legitimate question of Mitt’s electability is ridiculous.