Romney: RNC's beloved EMPTY VESSEL Politician

These pundits are absolutely ridiculous. We hear all of this “news” regarding some of the stances Newt has had over the years. “in 2006 Newt wrote a paper that had good things to say about the individual mandate” goodness guys, Romney instituted the thing. Look at Romneys record, the man repeatedly took stances far left of Ted Kennedy but we we never hear a thing about it. Gingrich united the country created a republican congress for the first time in 40 years, reached across the aisle and GOT the opposition to help out to balance the budget. I mean goodness the man has done more for the Republican party than anyone the last 20 years, this all occurred at the same time that Romney was debating Kennedy and voicing opinions that cut right at the very heart of our parties core belief structure including: anti Reagan, pro choice, pro gay rights, anti second amendment, pro affirmative action stances. Let’s get real here!!! Check out the link below it shows Romney’s true feeling on the issues that are at the heart of our parties core belief structure. Romney supporters say well…. he was trying to win election in the State of Massachusetts, this man said these things, and spoke passionately about them. He is not a conservative and never has been one, yet we are considering giving him the coveted nomination to lead our party in 2012. Lets GET REAL conservative Republicans. Lets not sell ourselves short again.

You keep supporting this guy and you are going to get more of the same. He is an EMPTY VESSEL of a politician. Fill him with the latest flavor and boom you have yourself a candidate.