Carson, A Class Act

In the long run, we only hit what we aim at. (Thoreau)

You may aim for honesty or for truth, for a big bank account or for success at any price. Ted Cruz, it seems, has chosen the latter.

Recently, a rumor was erroneously aired that Dr. Carson was quitting the presidential race. Carson denied this claim immediately. However, later that day, this was heard from the Cruz campaign:

“This is the Cruz campaign with breaking news: Dr. Ben Carson will be suspending his campaigning following tonight’s caucus. Please inform any Carson voters of this news and urge them to caucus for Ted instead.”

This quote is from a taped statement from the Cruz campaign prior to the Iowa caucus. Knowing that this statement was false, Ted Cruz, the man who has divided the Congress, took on his fellow candidate. Cruz seems to enjoy dividing more than uniting and festering more than! healing.

After the caucus, Cruz apologized to Carson. However, the ones who broke this false narrative in the Cruz campaign, as well as the CNN journalist who reported on this story without checking its accuracy, should be reprimanded. When Carson had a problem in his campaign staff, he dismissed his problem staffers; Cruz refuses to do the same. Isn’t this just like DC – to have a problem and not do anything about it? Cruz, the professional politician, continues this error; he has lost credibility, much like Hillary. Neither is the type of president we want in the White House.

Mr. Cruz, we, the people, are already trying to cope with with the threat of ISIS, the failing world economy, divisions due to racial tensions, cyber terror and no jobs. These are some of the real issues we have to deal with. Stop playing the political game and just be honest with folks.

What’s Ben Carson’s response to this fiasco? “By their fruits, you will know them,” he! said.
Now, that’s the truth. Carson’s a class act.

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