Just the Facts


Buyers usually have less information about their potential purchase than does the seller, causing an information imbalance resulting in the phrase, “Buyer Beware”.

Unfortunately, the public, the political “buyers”, are captives to news journalists, some of whom blather on with their opinions rather than dealing with facts.

Let’s beware of news organizations that start with an assumption and build “facts” around that assumption just to support it.

For example, they recently criticized Mrs. Ben Carson and her new book, but they were not even able to spell her name correctly. If they can’t even spell her name correctly, how can we believe they would get their facts right? Journalists seem more in a hurry to get their point out than to get to the truth.

“To vastly improve your country and truly make it great again, start by choosing a better leader. Do not let the media or the establishment make you pick from the people they choose, but instead choose from those they do not pick.

Pick a leader from among the people who is heart-driven, one who identifies with the common man on the street and understands what the country needs on every level. Do not pick a leader who is only money-driven and does not understand or identify with the common man, but only what corporations need on every level.” – Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun

All the polls agree that Ben Carson is the most trusted candidate of both Republicans and Democrats. The people clearly believe that Ben Carson is honest. Ben Carson is out for the good of the country. Ben Carson is not bought and paid for by special interests. He understands the common man. Carson speaks for us and for the US.

Buyer beware of letting the media mandate who you are going to vote for. We are better than that. Research on your own. Listen to a recent Ben Carson interview with the Des Moines Register editors at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5RU0cXlWqOU&feature=youtu.

Think for yourself and you will learn that Ben Carson is a leader who is not happy with the status quo, a leader who is heart-driven, a leader who identifies with us – the common man – the majority of America.

May the truth set us free.