Have you ever been down and out? Passed by, while others get the bonus? Scoffed at, while others get the compliment? It stinks! Right? Been there, done that. And at that moment, you just want out of your situation. Let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time, taxes were devouring the lives of the middle class. Restrictions were crushing small business operators. Government’s extravagant purchases created great debt, leading effectively to bankruptcy. Some had to pay more taxes than others. Finally, in our story, people heard that others had shrugged off the old ways, they had fought for and won equality for all! Wow, they thought, equality is possible! Sound familiar?

Bingo: that happened hundreds of years ago in France. After hearing the success of the American Revolution, the French people revolted against their monarchs. It was a grand day for the everyday man, the merchant, the school teacher. They were going to be done with the legalistic monarchy.

At this time, Edmund Burke said “… the public can have nothing unless derived from a just and proportioned imposition on the citizens at large.”

So what is this proportioned imposition? Ben Carson knows. He advocates a straight 10% tax on all income. It would be proportional to all. Most people will pay lots less in taxes. That will leave more money in your pocket every time you get paid for your hard work. And, if, when faced with a larger paycheck, you may want to buy, or renovate, or take that dreamed-for vacation you couldn’t before afford. Paying fewer taxes will leave companies with more money in their coffers so they can expand, hire more staff, improve their facilities. Paying fewer taxes may give American companies who have moved abroad a reason to come back home again. Oh, you say, won’t that leave the federal government with less money? So does the government really need $4,000 toilet seats? Besides, by spending at least some of that extra money in our paychecks, companies will do better. If companies do better, then they will be paying 10% of a greater income.

The French were passionate about their freedom, just as Americans are. However, they didn’t have a plan on who would replace the monarchy. They needed thoughtful planning. We do too.

Without that thoughtful level-headed planning, Americans could end up with another Napoleon, the self-absorbed leader after the French Revolution.

Napoleon courted the support of the common folk and then abhorred them, disliked foreigners, wanted to conquer and loved the glory. He despised the idea of equality that the French had fought for and had won.

Thoughtful planning was needed in France; it is needed in America now as well. Thoughtful level-headed planning is essential. Considering both sides of an issue; weighing pros and cons; America needs a thoughtful leader. With bravado, we might win the battle, but lose the war. Liberty without wisdom is folly. Let’s not repeat history.

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