Proof Obama Can't Make Important Decisions

The Democrats were so desperate to regain control of the White House that they seized on Barack Obama’s charisma and hypnotic speaking techniques to lure American voters to bring them back into power. He was very impressive and well-received when he gave his speech at the 2004 Convention. Little did we know then that he would be running for President in 2008 against Hillary Clinton – a favored nominee. During the primaries, when he started beating Hillary in the primaries, Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid (the Triumvirate) decided that Obama would be the better bet on beating McCain. They seized on taking Hillary out for the good of the party and made Obama their candidate — they anointed him.

During this period, Sean Hannity of Fox News found the video of Obama’s preacher of 20 years. A fiery speaker, Reverend Jeremiah Wright spews hatred for America saying “G_d damn America” in the video. The Triumvirate did not know about the Reverend because if they did, they might have kept Hillary as their nominee. After the Reverend’s sermon showed up in the media, Hillary ran away with the rest of the primaries. Since the Reverend no longer served his purposes well with the public, Obama tossed his pastor of 20-years out the window.

As campaigning continued, we learned a little more about Obama: he can give rousing speeches just like Dr. Martin Luther King and the Reverend Wright; he can project a voice that is delivered to a hypnotic beat, slowly building into a powerful crescendo, so that his listeners are mesmerized by him but they can’t even remember what he said – just words! We also learned that he can read a teleprompter but he was lost when his prompter broke during a speech at a rodeo. This fact makes him pale to Sarah Palin in comparison – she gave her 2008 convention speech flawlessly even when her script kept scrolling while the audience was clapping. We have also learned that under pressure during a one-on-one interview, his speeches are flooded with “uhs” – demonstrated and counted in a Dave Letterman video.

Those of us who are not lured into his hypnotic techniques (including Jesse Jackson, Juan Williams, Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity) have heard him dance around when questioned consistently avoiding giving direct answers. He also appears to have a classic narcissistic personality disorder — even to an untrained evaluator. His childhood experiences bear this diagnosis out and let’s face it — it is so obvious – elitist statements, the Obama seal, custom-made suits, Greek columns on the convention stage, and trying to stage a speech at a historical location in Berlin. Everything was geared to make it seem “as if” he is a president.

With a history of drug abuse (given a pass by the media and admirers) and early career as a Chicago street organizer, we found out about another a critical aspect — this man cannot make his own decisions. During his 8 years in the Illinois State Senate, Obama voted “present” 129 times. As Hillary Clinton said. “That’s not ‘yes.’ That’s not ‘no.’ That’s ‘maybe.'”

In August when Russia invaded George, Senator McCain understood the significance of Russia’s attack and seeing the need for a strong immediate response. Senator Obama, on the other hand, sounded fearful and timid. He needed time to talk with his mentors to find out what to do and say. Eventually, he gave a speech that was nearly word-for-word based on Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s speech and effectively selected to walk Senator McCain’s path – saying he (McCain) was right. His response to the economic crisis was “Call me.” Vaguely connected with Frank Raines (Fannie Mae’s CEO charged by federal regulators with manipulating Fannie Mae’s earnings in 2006, walking away with nearly $100 million) because his campaign office called him to ask for mortgage housing advice, Obama gave evasive and hazy responses devoid of any thoughtful plan or content to the media. He had to meet with his mentors / advisors first. A couple of days later, after President Bush called both candidates off the campaign trail to the White House, he worked with the Democrats who tried to railroad a bill (minus any input from the Republicans) through Congress. When they realized they did not want all the blame for a potentially bad bill, they decided they needed Republicans to vote for their bill. Thankfully, that bill was not passed.

On 9/11, it took 19 men to bring down the World Trade Center and crash jets into the Pentagon and in Pennsylvania killing nearly 3,000 people and causing the second major economic crisis President Bush had to deal with. The crash of the .com bubble left over from President Clinton was the first one. However, just 2 Democrats—Barney Frank and Chris Dodd — are the lynchpins of the third massive economic crisis to hit the Bush administration and affect people around the world. Yet the polls tell us that the people voting for Obama believe the Republicans caused the problem which tells me that the Democrats have mastered the “spin”.

So we see a pattern emerging. This mesmerizing speaker has American voters who want a change from President Bush’s administration convinced they should vote for him but they don’t even know his credentials. They don’t even care that he associates with old domestic terrorists and assorted other criminals — not just as a result of providing them with legal support but by gaining “boons” from them on his way to being a US president. They are blind to the fact that in September, even President Clinton told the media that the Democrats resisted President Bush’s attempts to put stronger regulations in to prevent this crisis for years. Senators Sununu, Dole, and McCain developed the bill and all the Republicans voted for it. But being the dedicated partisans that they are, all the Democrats, including Dodd, the current banking committee chairman, voted against it, and that was after Alan Greenspan’s warning that Fannie and Freddie were heading directly into trouble. “Greenspan said without stronger regulations, “We increase the possibility of insolvency and crisis. Without restrictions on the size of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, we put at risk our ability to preserve safe and sound financial markets in the United States.” [Noel Sheppard, NewsBusters, 09/25/08]

Our biggest fear is this pattern: that he cannot say anything without a prepared speech on a teleprompter or meeting with his advisors first probably to find out exactly what they want him to say. He appears to be incapable of making important decisions during this time of irregular warfare whether it is boots on the ground or economic terrorism. It seems that he is just a puppet and we just do not know who his real handler is or exactly how many he has. We do not know his allegiances. He is a master of evasion and the so-called journalists have given him a pass for so long now, we just hope for that sliver of a miracle that some sense will rain down upon them and the voters to make the right choice – Senator McCain – honest, experienced, and well-respected on both sides of the aisle.***