Senator Schumer Unleashes

How does this guy keep getting elected? He cares about himself first

and foremost and will throw the people a bone if he feels it is appropriate. I

was a first responder on 9/11 and have no doubt this political hack could care

less about my health. To hear him mouth off about the filibuster on release of

the first responders settlement money is a farce. Chuck talks about not playing

politics with benefits for veterans and first responders as if he is looking out for

the little guy he supposedly serves. I have news for you Charles. “You should never play

politics with any issue!”

I once heard Schumer say that the American people don’t care about waste

and pork as long as they receive an entitlement. You could not have judged the good

citizens of this country in a more despicable way. We don’t want or require a handout

from you Senator Schumer. You receive charity from the taxpayers for a job in

which you are paid and do absolutely nothing to warrant compensation. I’m certain you

have a generous nest egg to fall back on when you finally retire and leave us alone, unlike

95% of the people you serve.

Why don’t you do what you were hired to do? Our country is saddled with unsustainable

debt from you and the rest of the corrupt, greedy, rich, I’ve got mine politicians. We know you

for what you really are and if you are not sure I will inform you promptly. You are a well-groomed

greedy, conniving, couldn’t care less about anyone but myself political hack. The only way you

could debunk my assessment is by putting your personal wealth on the line when you

initiate your programs that always fail. You know how to blame and you have no shame. Please

leave us alone Chuck and give us the health care you use before you leave.