Gore Cannot Be Serious!

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Al Gore and the Moon

Today is August 19, 2010 and scientists have declared the moon is shrinking at a slow pace. This was fabulous news for former vice president and supreme huckster Al “massage my buttocks, adductors and abdominals” Gore. He is getting out his charts, hockey sticks and teleprompter to figure the best way to swindle the public. He needs a scapegoat and decided to blame it on Bush until he comes up with something better. “You can only use green house gases for so long”, he lamented to his massage therapist. The towel draped around his waist began to rise and Gore ordered the therapist to “take care of Pinocchio”. The extremely rotund and sexually frustrated Gore ran after the massage therapist as she bolted from the room. She succeeded in her escape and the fuming Gore decided to blame the shrinking moon on massage therapists. Imagine our country if this man had become president!