The Day We Should ALL Remember

There is one day that every conservative has tried to blot out of his or her memory. The day is March 4th, 2008, the day that John Mccain became the de facto Republican nominee for president…

The day carries three very distinct lessons for me, and I believe we would be greatly served if we learn from these lessons.

#1: Our party maybe classified as a “political party”, but we are Greater than that..

We are a laboratory for Conservative ideals, and the only bastion of liberty in this country. We cannot continue on, becoming mired in the “main stream” political discourse. We do a great disservice to Ourselves, and Our Country when we stick our political fingers in the wind. Unlike the Democrats, WE are leaders, not weathervanes seeking a greater movement (OWS)..

#2: Never Fear, for we have Nothing to Fear but fear itself..

Newt put it best in I believe the 3rd or 4th debate when he said “Any of these candidates on this stage are far better than the man currently sitting in the White House.” Nothing more true could’ve been said that night, and we must carry this truth in our hearts, minds, and especially in our conversations with our fellow countrymen!

#3: Never look to become Hastily United..

In 2008 we so quickly sought to end the political debate in the party, because we feared what the Democrats had going for them. Now it seems we are afraid of the imaginary opponent (that isn’t Barrack Obama). We are plaguing our future prospects by trying to find the “ANTI” Candidate, while missing our opportunity to show America what is, the PRO Candidate.. What is Pro you might ask.. We should be showing America the Pro Growth, Pro Liberty, Pro Prosperity, Pro Stability, Pro Religious Freedom, PRO Energy, PRO American Candidates ..


So in the end I guess March 4th, 2008 showed us one thing.. Remember that if you’re constantly looking over your shoulder.. You’ll miss your turn