Most surprising candidate of this election cycle?

Who do you think is the most surprising candidate of this election cycle.  I’ve got two, one who I think will lose and one who will win.   I don’t think LInda McMahon will win, but I never thought she would be as strong a candidate as she turned out to be.  She came up with the single best debate moment of the year, the famous "how do you create a job" question that perplexed Blumenthal to no end.  Truthfully, I don’t think McMahon could have done anything that would have led her to victory.  IMO, it’s the sole fact of her running the controversial WWWF (yeah, I’m an old school wrestling fan, lol) that just turned off too many voters.  But she gets kudos for making this race interesting.

The biggest surprise, and a guy who I think will win has to be Ron Johnson.  While Tommy Thompson’s waffling over whether to run froze out many GOP hopefuls,  Johnson decided to get in and so far has run a near perfect campaign.  I don’t want to jinx him by giving too much praise, but he’s put out one of the best ads of this election season with his "white board" spot.  And each time Russ Feingold has gone on the air with an attack ad, Johnson has come back with an even better rebuttal spot.  Ron Johnson has a great chance to win a seat that nobody thought was possible even just a short few months ago.